Creative images that focus on capturing the subject's personality, essence and attitude

Creative Direction

Planning, conceptualizing a creative output and determining the best way to represent a creative idea.


Makanda is a young creative who strongly believes in the art of vulnerability and goes about her art with the same energy. Her photographic works, which celebrate black women in their element, have been internationally recognized by publications such as Vogue Italia, Color Bloc Magazine as well as Michigan’s Saginaw Valley State University art journal, Cardinal Sins. Additionally, her body of work, Seasons, that brings together elements of poetry, creative direction and videography has also received recognition from the College of Liberal Arts at the Central University of Oklahoma under their platform, New Plains Review.



Seasons – a visual outlining the importance of weathering all one’s seasons and the swift changes that occur in life. The visual drives the notion that there is power in embracing yourself in all stages you are in.

Ukusuka Nokuya

Cotton Candy


Vogue Italia Portfolio

PhotoVogue is photography platform curated by the Photo Editors of Vogue Italia: a platform for photographers to showcase their talent with the opportunity to take part in international exhibitions and initiatives and the chance of being represented by New York agency Art+Commerce, one of the most prestigious in the worl

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